What Should You Do?

Posted on September 11, 2010 by dingo250

pathYou are on the path. Nothing is wrong with where you are. You are a monkey on a rock, kept warm by a fireball, and surrounded by other cool monkeys and stuff. The only thing that goes wrong is when we complain. We often complain about something that we have to do. What is wrong with having things to do? We start dying if we have nothing to do. You only have too much to do, if you think that it is too much to do. But if you can help it, you might not want to run yourself into the ground. Try not to suffer because of death. A death of a friend is the same as that person moving so far away, that you donít know if you will ever see them again. Nobody really dies. All matter is actually energy. The physical world is an illusion. Once the consciousness of a being begins, it can not be shut off. Furthermore, we should not be upset by other people. For example, we need to stop complaining that this person or that person made me feel this way or that. Nobody can make you feel anything. We need to stay balanced so that another crazy monkey can not upset us. Overall, you have no big problems, and you never will. Enjoy life, but that doesnít mean to go get drunk. Alcoholís buzz is actually the act of getting yourself into the Now by way of brain damage. That is not a path that I want to be on. But the only thing you have to fear is fear itself, and that is also not true, because we all have eternity to learn not to fear. Yes we are all on ladders, but learn not to suffer as you climb. Just because everything is perfect, does not mean that goofing off is a good idea. Heaven is here and now, and Iíll stop writing. Iíve said enough, and you might have something that you should be doing. The point is that coal miners and rock stars are the same in more ways than one. Whoever you are, do whatever you should do and enjoy the ride.

Ciao Amigos

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