Please Stop Killing Yourselves

Posted on September 14, 2010 by dingo250

KillingMost of what I say is not to worry about this and that, but I still think that a good part of waking up to reality is that a healthy lifestyle is smarter than slow suicide. Today most people know that smoking is a killer, but most people act clueless when it comes to meat and dairy. Having great faith does not mean that you are able to go without the power of good food. Having great faith gives you the strength to change your diet. You don’t need strength because a plant-based diet is yucky. You just need the strength to pay more attention to the foods you are buying. Anybody that has spent some time around healthy foods will know that they are yummy. The dangers of eating meat and dairy are very real. We were raised on a food pyramid that was created by the same people who were selling the meat and the dairy. Whenever I start talking about healthy eating I get the same uneducated questions. What about calcium? What about protein? Cavemen ate meat. What is wrong with meat? The problems with meat and dairy are endless. If you want to continue to make these bad choices, then maybe you should go to the hospital to see all of the patients that represent your future. This is reality. For example, people who have a plant-based diet have a 50% lower risk of getting cancer. Don’t want to think about your future? Think about how much better you would feel today if you stuffed yourself with good foods, rather than things like chicken, cheese and ice cream.

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